Protect yourself and your family

The course dates will be listed under the course description.  Click the link to register for the class.

We are now offering Gunsmith Services through our new Company - Crossville Advanced Firearms Experts, LLC.  For more information go to our website at:

We teach the following courses:

- Tennessee Enhanced Handgun

- Night Shooting

- NRA Basic Pistol

- NRA Defensive Pistol

- NRA Personal Protection Series (Inside or Outside the home)

- Pistol Refresher

- NRA Range Safety Officer

- Private Lessons

- Condensed Defensive Shooting

Next up is the Enhanced Handgun Permit class April 17 starting at 9 AM.   The Tennessee Legislature recently passed the "Permitless Carry" bill.  It is awaiting the Governor's Signature.  Be aware the this only applies to carrying a pistol within the boundaries of Tennessee.  If you travel outside the state you will still need a permit so the reciprocity rules apply to you - even to states that don't require a permit (such as Kentucky).    Additionally we believe that anyone who carries a pistol for protection should obtain some type of training that covers the law and at least some instruction on shooting the pistol - even if you do not intend to get the permit you should take this class - it is comprehensive and very informative.  Sign up here.

We have e-gift cards available online.  You can purchase a card and have it sent to anyone you desire (or even yourself).  In any amount.  Cards don't expire.  Go here to purchase one.

April 27th and 28th starting at 6:30 PM and running till 9 PM both days is the NRA Range Safety Officer class.  You can enroll through the NRA here, or on this website here.

Starting Thursday May 6th and running every Thursday  we will be conducting clinics.  These will be one hour long starting at 6:30 PM.  Each clinic will address one aspect of defensive use of a pistol through various range exercises. To keep cost down we will not shoot more than about 25 rounds but those rounds will "targeted" to the one element we are addressing. There is no need to attend all clinics since each will address a different item. Cost is only $20 per clinic. Registration on the Clinic page here.