My wife and I both took the Defensive Pistol Course on 8/27/18 and found it very worth while and well done. Having taken the course we both feel much more confident and comfortable should we ever be in a position where we must defend ourselves in a potentially life threatening situation. Jerry made sure the course was run in a safe and professional manner and enlisted the help of another Range Safety Officer as an added layer of safety. Well done!!

I had a great experience with the defensive pistol class on August 27th. I feel much more confident now in carrying my firearm. Jerry is a great instructor, and look forward to learning more from him.
Thanks for the training,

What a great experience taking the defensive pistol course was. Changed my perspective on the defensive carry mindset. Exposure to lots of innovative techniques and skills that prepare you for being a well trained armed citizen. Money and time well spent. Plus, you receive an official NRA certificate of completion.