The next scheduled concealed carry class is August 17th and is open for enrollment.  The cost is $50.00.  There are only 3 seats left for this class.  If you are interested you should sign up as soon as possible...

A defensive pistol class is scheduled for October 5th.  This 8 hour class is geared toward those who carry.  We cover everything from how to draw your pistol to engaging multiple threats to shooting from concealment and/or cover.  A concealed pistol and 200 rounds of ammo is required.  Enhance your skill and confidence...

At JH Firearms Training we teach these pistol courses:

- Tennessee Concealed Carry

- NRA Basic Pistol

- NRA Defensive Pistol

- Pistol Refresher

- NRA Personal Protection inside the home

- NRA Personal Protection outside the home

- NRA Range Safety Officer

Private, one on one lessons

Courses are taught at the Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club on a varying schedule.  The calendar is available under the schedule link.  To sign up for a course click the link above.  The course dates will be listed under the course description.  Click the link to register for the class.

    Protect yourself and your family